Graduation Requirements

Requirement 1 - Course Credits:

A student must earn a minimum of 25 credits to graduate from Windsor High School. The following core courses/credits must be included in these minimum requirement amounts.



Required Courses

Total Credits


English 9, 10, 11, 12



Mathematics is required in grades 9, 10, 11


Social Studies

Grades 9, 10,11, 12

     Early Global Studies        1

     Modern Global Studies    1

     U. S. History                     1

     Civics                                0.5        



Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

     Integrated Science       1

     Biology                         1

     Any combination of science courses or



Physical Ed/Health

PE 9, 10 and one elective    1

Health                                   0.5


Fine Arts

Any music or art course


Career and Technical Education

Any business education, technology or family consumer science course






Minimum for graduation



Students must have 20 hours of verified community service. This community service will be monitored by the Community Service Coordinator.


Promotion / Class Placement

Promotion and class placement are based on the number of credits previously earned. No credits are awarded prior to entering grade 9. Minimum requirements for official class standing and promotion are:

Freshman Standing                 (grade 8 to 9)   Successful Completion of grade 8

Sophomore Standing               (grade 9 to 10)               6.0 credits

Junior Standing                        (grade 10 to 11)     12.0 credits

Senior Standing                       (grade 11 to 12)       18.5 credits

Graduation                                                                            25.0 credits & Performance Standard

                                                                                                  20 Hours of Community Service


Requirement 2 - Performance Standards: Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science

Windsor High School students must have basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics and science before graduation. To demonstrate their competency in these areas students not exempt (see exemptions below) must meet the district’s performance standards.

  1.  Definition

  1. Reading: Students will read a short piece of fiction and develop a valid and supported written initial response, interpretation, connection and evaluation.

  2. Writing: Students will read a non-fiction article and respond critically in writing to a question called a prompt by producing an essay that is focused, organized, elaborated and edited for standard English conventions.

  3. Mathematics: Within the content of the course in which the student is enrolled he/she will use mathematics (including algebra, geometry and/or probability/statistics) to solve multi-step problems. The student will be provided any required formulas and may use a calculator in completing the task. Also, the student will explain in writing either how he/she arrived at each answer or justify each answer in writing.

  4. Science: Within the content of the course in which the student is enrolled, he/she will use the process of scientific inquiry (describe, explain, and predict natural phenomena, using questioning, collect, analyze and interpret data, and assess the relevance, validity, and credibility of scientific information) to investigate scientific problems. The student will be provided with any required formulas and some information to complete the tasks. The student can explain, in writing, the process of scientific inquiry by analyzing and interpreting data and using supporting content knowledge to identify and justify the answer.

B.    Exemptions

1.  Students will be exempt from the district performance standard if they have a.) achieved proficiency on   appropriate subject area tests or higher administered by the State of Connecticut.

2.  Transfers: If a student transfers in to Windsor High School after completing at least three years in a high school in another district, he/she must have met the goal on the test from the sending district or state in order to be exempt from Windsor’s performance standard requirement for graduation.

3.  Special Needs: The performance standard requirement for graduation for a student with special needs may be modified if so indicated on the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

C. Implementation

1.  Students who do not meet proficiency on the Writing Across the Disciplines, Reading Across the Disciplines, Mathematics new state test requirement and Science sections of the CT SAT Assessment and or through one of the alternative standards must participate in the alternate district performance assessment.

2.  Students will have opportunities within their English, social studies, mathematics and science courses to practice department developed and approved practice assessments.

3. Students who have not met the District Performance Standard by the end of their junior year in reading, writing, mathematics, science will begin alternate opportunities to meet the standard.

Failure to Meet Graduation Requirements

1. Seniors who have earned the necessary 25 credits but have not met the districts performance standards can enroll in summer school (courses to be announced), or sit for retake of the performance assessment during the summer (date to be announced).

2.  Seniors who are short .5 to 2 credits must enroll in summer school and pass the courses needed to graduate. If all requirements are not met through summer school, the student may return to WHS the following September but only to make up those courses needed to graduate. The student may not carry a full load of curses and will be allowed on campus full-time.

3. Seniors needing more than 2 credits for graduation may return to WHS the following September and take those courses needed for graduation.

Students are required to meet the graduation standards for the year they complete their graduation requirements.

To receive a Windsor High School diploma, students must have earned a minimum of five and one-half (5.5) credits while attending WHS. Of the 5.5 credits, 2.5 credits must be earned during their senior year at WHS. Students transferring to WHS and planning to graduate in June of that school year must be enrolled at the school no later than February 1 of that same school year